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Rotary Switches

ROTARY SWITCHES: "SURAJ" makes, hand operated, Rotary Switches, in open execution which incorporate rotary action, air break type Silver / Gold Plated wiping contacts, housed in an assembly of packets molded from anti-tracking thermosetting plastics. The stationary and moving contacts are operated by actuating mechanism to achieve desired switching action. Switch assembly is on packet principle giving choice of multi-position and multi-circuits, also makes complex switching combinations possible Switches are designed for ON LOAD switching and present range covers standard Rotary switches upto 100A/440 V.AC, upto 4 Poles & 8 position standard operations.Switches are used for make-break and isolation of power circuits and switching of auxiliary circuits.

Technical Specification :

  • Rating: 16A,25A, 32A, 40A, 63A & 100A / 440 VAC
  • Switching position: ON-OFF , 2 positions - 8 positions with and without OFF
  • Specifications: Switches conform to IS 13947 (Part I & II) 1993
  • Mounting Arrangements:
    • Flush at the back of panel
    • Flush at the front of panel (Base Mounting)