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Micro switches

SURAJ Micro Switches Type SM3 series (SPDT) are unsealed sensitive light weight momentary switches featuring snap action contact movement, high electrical rating and long life. These switches are precision built and small in size and shape of international design standards to meet requirements of numerous AC & DC applications where repeat accuracy is an essential need. SM3 Switches are operated by small force or movement either directly acting on the plunger or through a wide range of integral and auxiliary actuators including roller type and push buttons.

  • Circuitry : Single Pole Double Throw
  • Connection Diagram :
  • Terminals : Screw Solder
  • Temperature Range : 55 ℃ /+85 ℃
  • HV Test : Switches stand 1.5KV for 1 minute
  • Specifications : Switches comply with IS 6089 Non-Defence with JSS 51201 Defence use on request


Voltage Resistive Load Inductive Load
125 V AC 10 10
230 V AC 10 5
440 V AC 5 2
30 V DC 8 On Application
125 V DC 0.5 On Application
230 V DC 0.25 On Application


Operating Force Max. Release Force Min. Ratings Colour of Plunger
400 gms 125 gms 10A/250V AC White
200 gms 75 gms 5A/250V AC Yellow
100 gms 40 gms 3A/250V AC Blue
50 gms 20 gms 2A/250V AC Red


Housing PBT
Contacts Copper
Blade Phosphor Bronze
Terminals Brass
Screws Combination Head, over .0001" thick Zinc over Steel / Nickel Over Brass

Life Expectancy

Mechanical 1,00,000 operations
Electrical 1,00,000 operations at rated resistive current under normal conditions