SURAJ Cam Switches S Series are developed on world renown cam/butt contact design concept. S Series switches are manually operated, rotary action, air break type, rugged in construction, compact in size, assembled on modular construction and provide verstality with no compromise on quality and performence levels. These Unique design features permit many variety of switching arrangements in multiposition, thus making these preferred for control circuits and small motor loads in varied industrial, commercial, professional and defence applications.
6, 10,16, 32 Amps
Cam Switches S Series incorporate cam operated silver-alloy butt contacts with double-break feature. Switches have modular construction and operated by an easy grip knob. Modules moulded from selected engineering plastics of antitracking quality are stacked together to form an assembly and each module houses 2 sets of electrically independent, fixed and moving contacts.
Thease are fixed contacts recessed type fitted with clamps and captive screws for easy wiring. Crimpping lugs of suitable size are recomended for wiring.
These switches are available.
Standard Switches :
  8 operating positions and as many no of poles
  Reversing with Off
Instrument Selector Switch :
The Instrument Selector Switches are suitable for ammeters and voltmeters. The design enables to indicate by means of a single meter, the current or the voltages.

In addition for the standard range listed. Switches are also made to order with features of spring return and combination of Stay-Put/Return and any complex switching configuration which the application demand and the design permits.
S Series Cam Switches are control Switches and comply with specification IS:6875 ( Part-III ) - 1973 ( Relevent clauses ).
Switches are generally recomended for use under temperatures not exceeding 55oC ambient.
Design Features of Cam Switches S Series offer mechanical life of over million operations. Long electrical life is assured but however, is determined by factors like current/voltage operations, Frequency, type of load, duty, etc.
SURAJ Cam Switches S Series are recomended for infinite use in different applications like:
  Instrumentation   Automation   Cine Projectors   Mixer Grienders
  Switchgear   Electronics   Electro-Medical   Coolent Pumps
  Controlgear   Warfare   Material Handling   Xerox Printing Machines
  Rectifiers   Aerospace   Flame Proof   Plastic Processing Machines
  Transformers   Tele-Communication   Mining   Washing Machines
  Tap Changers   Testing Equipments   Small Machine Toools etc.
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