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Suraj Has An Excellent Approach Towards Quality Control. All The Products Are Duly Tested In Our Test Laboratory Before Being Dispatched. All The Products Are Tested & Certified By Various Test Laboratories For Quality, As Per The Required Standards.


Dear Friends and well wishers, It giIves us immense pleasure in anouncing that 'SURAJ' brand products are no "CE." certified.
We have conducted the necessary electrical an environmental tests at the laboratories, made changes in the base material, in metal compositions, and metal coating standards.
Also one important point to be noted is that "This CE marking is NOT SELF CERTIFIED as many manufacturers do, BUT IT IS CERTIFIED BY A THIRD PARTY INSPECTION & CERTIFYING BODY AND TEST LABORATORY" It is constant feedback and support from you that has enables us to achieve this feat, and we thank you for the same.

1. Regional Testing Center
2. ERTL Mumbai
3. National Test House
4. ERDA Vadodara
5. CPRI Bhopal