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Limit Switches

Suraj Limit Switches type LSR & LSRS have been specially designed to convert a mechanical motion into an electrical control signal. The mechanical motion is usually in the form of a cam, a machine component or an object moving towards a predetermined position. The cam engages the limit switch roller lever or plunger and in turn makes or breaks an electrical contact inside the switch. This electrical control signal is then used to limit, position or reverse motion travel or to initiate another operating sequence it can also be used for counting, sorting or as a safety device. Typical applications of the suraj limit switch are in the control circuit of solenoids control relays and motor starters (Wthh control the motion of the machine tools) presses, conve ors hoists, elevators and practically every type of motor Driven machines.

Limit Switches now available with ANGULAR ROLLER with Normal and Snap action.

Limit Switches Angular Roller